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  • How to choose a recruitment partner

    If you’re a business leader, your people are your most important investment. Over the years, a good employee will return many times the value of their hiring and training. But recruitment is costly. It pays to get it right first time. Choosing a recruiter that favours partnerships over short-term transactions can have a significant impact on your bottom line. This post offers insight into the process of choosing… Read more

  • Changes in recruitment

    Get off my case!
    Why working in recruitment needs to change

    Picture the scene. You’re an experienced consultant working in recruitment at a firm that operates in a ‘traditional’ way. It’s the final week of the month and you’ve comfortably hit your target with days to spare. Despite this, rather than being thanked and left to your own devices, your boss reminds you of your recruitment KPIs.… Read more

  • Do you need a leader or a manager?

    Choosing the right person for the job

    The Web is awash with articles explaining the difference between leadership and management. Many of these articles, although well intentioned, reinforce lazy stereotypes. Namely that leaders inspire people while managers boss them around. This is reductive. Leadership and management are distinct but overlapping areas, and both are vital to business success. In this post we argue that the key to building… Read more